Anita “I would recommend a session with Laetitia no matter in what point in your life”

From the first session onwards (and I have done many since) I experienced such a very truthful and spot-on reflection of my experience, feelings and things deep down under I could not really get my head around myself. They are being translated into words I could never have found myself, but completely reflect the way it is. More over Laetitia also has the capability to let you experience some of it not only in words but also in physical body experiences. These keys into yourself which Laetitsia so wonderfully uncovers help enormously in understanding and acceptance of your own self and others close to you, life itself became so much easier, lighter and fun for me. The spaciousness, energy, healing and love I feel after a session with Laetitia can not be expressed by words really but are radiated out of my whole body when “flying” home. Laetitia’s capability throughout a session to uncover all that needs to be discussed and looked at at that very moment in my life without me having to express anything in words is still a miracle to me; she has such a wonderful gift of seeing through all layers and than to in very simple language provide very useful and practical tools to help me in shaping my life and become a better person. I always refer to her as my life coach!

I would recommend a session with Laetitia no matter in what point in your life; I have had sessions starting out being totally positive and happy without real issue’s and I have had sessions where I really was in deep need of emotional help and it has always been such an adventure to uncover whatever is there; you might surprise yourself. It is a precious present to yourself to experience a reading session with Laetitia as she is simply awesome!!

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